Homeopathy in Cornwall with Anna Jenkins LCCH

A Holistic Therapy

One of the great strengths of Homeopathy is that it treats the whole person, mind, body and soul focusing on symptoms and not just the disease, thereby creating the potential to address a wide range of problems.

Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathy is safe and gentle it can safely be administered to infants, children and the elderly.

I offer Homeopathic consultations in Cornwall, anywhere in the UK and abroad as i work on Zoom for both local and international clients.

I will consider your constitutional picture & also your family health patterns in order to design treatments aimed at strengthening overall health & emotional balance.

I will choose the most appropriate remedies for your treatment plan based on our thorough consultation, which will be customised to suit your whole health picture.

What is in a pill?

Each remedy is made from natural substances such as plants and minerals that stimulate your body’s own healing power. They are diluted into different potencies and succussed to produce the homeopathic remedies. As your Homeopath I will choose the best potency for your condition by addressing your individual needs.

About me

I have been involved in Homeopathy for many years. I first used it for my own health issues at a young age, successfully managing my condition without the plethora of pharmaceuticals I had been prescribed. I then studied to become a professional Homeopath and have treated many different conditions for clients, friends and family. I love being a Homeopath and love to see the results it can achieve.

I hold a Licentiate degree in Homeopathy having completed 4 years of study at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol in 2011. (LCCH).

I am qualified in Human Chemistry and Natural Balancing, having studied with world-renowned Homeopath and author Ton Jansen. (https://humanchemistry.eu/human_chemistry/)

I am also a qualified homeobotanicals practitioner (https://homeobotanical.com/about/)

I believe that healing must be seen as a partnership, with the patient, practitioner and remedies working together to restore well-being. I will also recommend changes in diet and lifestyle that may benefit your whole wellbeing. Conventional medication can be used whilst in treatment with a homeopath.

I offer Homeopathy consultations by Zoom internationally and within the UK


12 Mar 2017, 09:16

Hello I am giving my testimony on the positive profound effect homeopathy has left on me. My partner recently passed away having been diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2015. I had the opportunity to be invited to a two day retreat for carers at the Living Well Centre, Sancreed, Cornwall and it was here that I met Anna . Anna spent time explaining her reasoning behind the benefits of Homeopathy.

After considering what sort of remedies would be beneficial for me both emotionally and physically during this time Anna went through what would be ideal for me and started me on the appropriate Homeopathic pillules. I started taking them straight away and i'm still taking them.

I can truly say that I can feel the benefit since first taking them and I would advocate that Homeopathy does work. My main concern was the anxiety I felt during this difficult time sharing my partners journey with him and then the grieving period after he passed away however with the help of Homeopathy I have managed to live through this and remain positive.

Thank you whole -heartedly Anna.


Anna really helped me cope with my hormonal imbalance her remedies were effective within a few weeks. I would highly recommend anyone use homepathy and I would especially recommend Anna. Thank you so much.


I was at my lowest point mentally, and emotionally, experiencing panic attacks at night, anxious, and depressed about the breakdown of a long term relationship and its impact on my self confidence, general health, and well being. Underlying stress and years of ingrained negative thinking had led me to believe I would have to live a joyless life rather than regaining my full potential.

The idea of Homeopathy had intrigued me, but I thought it might be too expensive and merely have a placebo effect as suggested by some people, so I had never seriously considered consulting a homeopath as an alternative to visiting a G.P or self-medicating with store bought remedies, and supplements. Since non of these methods were doing much for me at all

I decided to consult a homeopath and contacted Anna who arranged a consultation for me with the added convenience of it being online and me not having to travel anywhere. I was impressed by her professionalism, her friendliness, and her patience. She prescribed several remedies for me and gave me clearly written instructions on when and how to take them, some suggestions for dietary changes, plus an assurance that I could contact her at any time if I had concerns about the effects of the remedies or how I might be feeling generally.

After the first few doses I knew it wasn’t a placebo I had been prescribed and gradually have begun to get better. I like knowing that the remedies are stimulating my own natural capacity for healing and the results so far have been very positive, my self confidence has improved considerably and I feel some joy and contentment in my life again.

Thank you Anna.

Children’s health

Because Homeopathy is safe and gentle it can safely be administered to infants. Homeopathy may suit many ailments - from teething to colic, as well as emotional issues. I will consider your child’s constitutional picture & also your family health patterns in order to design treatments aimed at strengthening overall health & emotional balance. I also offer guidance on managing your children’s minor ailments naturally at home if you so wish.

Women’s Health

I will utilise the most appropriate remedies in your treatment plan based on our thorough consultation, which will be customised to suit your whole health picture. Working with problems that may be associated with your fertility, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, menstrual cycle, puberty, breast issues, pregnancy, labour, the post-natal period, or the menopause.

Stress & emotions

Homeopathy can help you to deal with acute emotions (e.g. grief or shock), or chronic issues such as panic attacks, low self-esteem, or depression. Your treatment will aim to help you in resolving difficult feelings - such as guilt, anxiety & anger and to assist you in dealing with the associated stresses or traumas, past and present. Patients often report feeling empowered by their treatment & experiencing more clarity & emotional stability.

Day-to-day functioning

Ailments such as constipation, indigestion, cystitis, insomnia, headaches or fatigue are commonly treated in relation to your full health picture.

Acute illness & immune support

Homeopathy can be useful for:

  • strengthening resistance to viruses and recurrent illnesses;

  • providing support during acute ailments such as flu, sore throat, cystitis etc.

  • promoting healing & recovery after injury, illness, surgery, or chemotherapy.

The above list represents only a small selection of the type of complaints that may be seen in clinic – please contact me for a FREE 15 mins consultation to see whether Homeopathy would suit your needs.

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Consultation Details

I am currently doing consultations via Zoom. If you have any enquiries, or would like to discuss an appointment, the best way to reach me is via email...